Engaging 360° VR Videos for Your Business!

Many studies show the positive effects of virtual reality, and now you too can use these tools to improve the wellbeing of your patients, customers and users. Our selection of VR content includes pure nature, relaxation, meditation and travel experiences, which are being used by many companies worldwide to help their target groups to relax, unwind and feel happy. Use cases include hospitals, age care facilities, hotels, spas, the hospitality as well as the transport industry and many more.

360° VR Videos for

Hospitals & General Healthcare

Offer your patients a highly engaging, distracting and enjoyable escape from stressful, frightening or even painful experiences by using our handcrafted 360° environments to transform the patient experience in your hospitals, surgery centers, or exam rooms. Improve your healthcare services with the possibilities of Virtual Reality and make your patient's stay with you much more pleasant and effective by offering them an innovative way to relax, escape, and be distracted.

Corporate Health

Help your employees to be at the top of their abilities by providing them with a proven method to reduce stress and boost motivation by taking them to peaceful and beautiful places where they can take a deep breath, clear their minds and recharge their batteries anytime they need to refresh their concentration.


Our authentic VR experiences have been shown to reduce stress and increase motivation and they are being used by psychotherapists worldwide to support numerous forms of treatment, such as stress and anxiety as well as pain reduction. Now you too can utilize the power of real 360° video environments to help your patients and clients achieve their personal goals. Talk to us today to find out about our licensing models and get a whole suite of tools for your VR-supported treatment program.

Age Care & Assisted Living

Research studies have shown that the simple use of virtual reality can help people with dementia and alzheimer's disease remember situations from the past, even if the content that is being shown is not directly related to the memories. Virtual Reality is an amazing way to trigger memories and care for the elderly and those who require mental and cognitive stimulation. Use our catalogue of tried and tested, high-quality VR Experiences to increase the quality of life of your end-users. Whether it be age care, assisted living, veterans homes, living communities or in-home health-care, virtual reality is sure to make a difference to the people you care about.

Hotels, Wellness, Hospitality

Our wide variety of VR experiences are particularly well suited to entertain guests in hotel rooms, lobbies, spas and many other situations in the hospitality and wellness industries. Show real locations in Virtual Reality to inspire your guests and increase customer satisfaction. Become not just a single destination but a hub for multiple travel and relaxation experiences that leave a lasting impact on your guests' favorite places to visit. Simply talk to us to get a review sample of our VR Experiences to try in your business.

Transportation Industry, Waiting Rooms

Offer your customers a new way to relax and be entertained by taking them to another place while they are travelling or waiting. Whether it be on planes, trains, buses or in waiting rooms, our 360° videos will take your customers to another place and make them enjoy their stay with you even more. Our professional catalogue of virtual reality experiences are handcrafted to the highest quality standards and have been approved for inflight-safe usage. Get in touch to learn how you can use 360° videos to make time fly for your guests.

Other Industries

These are just a few of the numerous possibilities for using our VR Experiences. Contact us for your personal project.


Our B2B licensing program is aimed at bringing great value to your business at affordable rates. You can choose from our catalogue of over 20 VR Experiences that vary in length between 5-17 minutes. We have existing licensing models that you can choose from or that can be adapted to your particular business/monetisation model. If you need a custom VR Experience you can also build your own VR Experiences with our 360 stock videos or let us do the editing for you. If you require more information on any of these points, please get in contact.


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