South & East

Australia - South & East

360° VR Relax Experience

Escape the noise and haste and visit the land Down Under. Find peaceful hideaways, nestled deep inside mythical rainforests, and burrow your toes into the white sand of endless beaches on the Whitsunday Islands. Rest alongside waterfalls and creeks while you contemplate life. Gaze at the quiet, mirroring surface of Lake McKenzie, teleport to the historic Maheno shipwreck on Fraser Island and marvel close up at the world-famous Twelve Apostles. Get some quiet time on the dunes where friendly kangaroos graze lazily on the beach, and experience the true serenity of Australia’s untouched wilderness when you sojourn in a eucalypt-lined billabong. This is Australia’s South & East combined in one marvellous VR Experience.


  • Relaxation
  • Australia
  • Music
  • Nature Sounds

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