Sphaeres VR Experiences
Annual Licenses
Fee Structure

Thank you for your interest in licensing our Sphaeres VR Experiences (www.sphaeresvr.com) for your business. License prices for the Sphaeres are based on the number of VR Experiences (VRX) and number of VR headsets that you are using (if you have an existing application/business) or are planning to use (if you are still building an application/business).

Below are the annual license fees based on 1 VRX and number of headsets. If, for example, you would like to use our VRX on 1-20 headsets and you are happy to use them in the way that we created them, you would fit into Tier A under the ‘Original VRX’ license (€240 per VRX, per year). To clarify this point, license prices are for groups of headsets (Tier), NOT for each individual headset inside the tier. So, the license fee for 1 headset is the same as for 20 headsets. If you want to use different audio instead of the audio that comes with the original VRX then you should select the 'Change Audio' license. If you want to remove our Sphaeres VR branding at the beginning and end of the VRX then you will require the 'Change Audio & Branding' license. Please note that with the 'Change Audio & Branding' license you are still required to mention Atmosphaeres as the source of the content in the credits of your own experience. Please also note that neither the 'Change Audio' nor the 'Change Audio & Branding' license allow changes to the order/sequence of the clips. That is, you can only use the Sphaeres as they are and change the audio or remove our logos. You cannot put scene 5 before scene 3, remove scene 5 altogether or use only a selection of scenes that you like. The sequence of clips has to remain intact in its entirety. If changing the audio and removing our branding without changing the clip sequence does not satisfy your requirements we support you in building your own VR Experience as this gives you the ultimate freedom to create exactly the VR Experience that you want. For this purpose you will find high quality 360° Stock Videos on our partner site Atmosphaeres 360° Stock Videos.

Following are the annual license fees for the Sphaeres Cinematic VR Experiences. For 3 and more of our Sphaeres VRX we offer volume discounts which you will find below the table. 


Annual License - Per 1 VR Experience (VRX), Per Number Of Headset(s)

  Rights Licensed Original VRX
(No Changes Allowed)
Change Audio Change Audio & Branding Build Your Own
(Atmosphaeres 360° Stock Videos)
  Use VRX in their original form
  Use embedded music Separate music license required* Without music
  Change audio
  Remove or change intro/outro Without intro/outro
  Edit, rearrange and shuffle video clips/scenes
  Use individual clips independently

  Credit Atmosphaeres Original Sphaeres branding in Intro & Credits Original Sphaeres branding in Intro & Credits
Not required but appreciated


Number of Headsets Annual License Price Annual License Price Annual License Price Royalty-free License Price
A 1 - 20 €240 €480 €960 See www.atmosphaeres.com
B 21 - 50 €300 €600 €1200 See www.atmosphaeres.com
C 51 - 100 €360 €720 €1440 See www.atmosphaeres.com
D 101 - 200 €420 €840 €1680 See www.atmosphaeres.com
E 201 - 500 €480 €960 €1920 See www.atmosphaeres.com
F 500 - 1000 €540 €1080 €2160 See www.atmosphaeres.com
  Info on more than 1000 headsets available on request.
* You need to license the music under your own brand. We will advise on where to get the music upon request.

Volume Discounts For Multiple VRX

The above annual license price table is based on 1 VRX. The price for 2 VRX is double the price as for 1 VRX. From 3 VRX onwards our value pack discounts come into effect. They are as follows:

  • 3+ VRX = 10% discount
  • 5+ VRX = 15% discount
  • 10+ VRX = 20% discount

Review Samples

If you would like to see what our VRX look like on your playback system (VR headset, projector, screen, etc.) then we are happy to send you watermarked review samples of our Sphaeres VR Experiences.

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