About us
About us

[Atmo] from Greek atmos – " vapor , steam,"; also "to inspire"
[Sphaeres] from Latin sphaera – "globe, ball, space"


Inspirational, immersive 360° VR Experiences that capture the mood and feeling of being 'there'

Atmosphaeres are Dr. Eric Fassbender and Susanne Fassbender who help people to realise their dreams. Whether personal or professional dreams, our products and services are geared to help you achieve what you set out to do and we look forward to hearing what stars you are reaching for and how we can support you in your endeavour.

Dr. Fassbender holds a PhD in Virtual Reality and has worked as a nature sound recordist for many years. His recordings are available across various web platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and many others. After working as a research academic for many years he decided to make his passion of Virtual Reality, travel and 360 degree video his full-time occupation and Atmosphaeres was born. Ever since then the journey has continuously led Eric to new and exciting adventures and his 360 videos have helped many people to enjoy the remote and quiet places in nature in the comfort of their own home or professionals to create the product that they want to present to the world. Every innovation in the 360° VR Video industry is carefully assessed and considered to improve the quality of Atmosphaeres' products and services. Apart from the Atmosphaeres 360 degree videos Eric provides professional guidance and advice in personal development by helping others to discover their true calling and aim and reach their highest goals.

Susanne Fassbender has worked as a pharmacy technician for many years, including the production of chemo therapy medication in a highly sterile laboratory environment. Upon seeing the positive effects that Virtual Reality therapy can have on patients she joined Atmosphaeres as a manager and production assistant, just to soon also begin recording and stitching 360 degree videos herself. She now stitches most of Atmosphaeres' videos and finds great enjoyment in creating high quality, fully spherical 360 degree VR Videos.



We are very proud of our videos, hence, all the footage in our catalogue has been filmed exclusively on professional cameras. In post-production we spend many hours on each individual video, to make sure that you won't see any seamlines. You won't find anyone peeking into the camera or walking through the picture (except where it is part of the scene, like in cities). We also remove all equipment, like tripods and microphones, so you get an absolutely clean video. We also believe that footage should be stable so you won't find any highly shaky videos, either. Most of our videos are available with high-quality sound in stereo or spatial audio formats, except where the situation did not permit this and we opted for synchronised camera microphone sound. We pre-grade all footage to our personal preference, however, you can, of course, get all videos in RAW, uncoloured format so you can grade it to your own liking. If you have any questions or requests, you can be sure to talk to seasoned professionals who have been in the 360° video/VR industry since 2012 and understand your requirements. We will find the best solution for you, which includes connecting you with our wide network of colleagues and partners. The previews on our site are in 4K resolution, however, they are of course compressed, so you can expect much higher quality of the files that you license. To get an idea of the quality of our videos, we offer a set of files that you can download for review purposes.

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